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Welcome to NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium

The West Virginia Space Grant Consortium (WVSGC) is a NASA sponsored organization consisting of 12 West Virginia academic institutions and 8 corporate and scientific partners. It is dedicated to building research infrastructure and promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in West Virginia. WVSGC's primary focus is on research, collaborations with high-technology industries, student fellowships as well as K-12 and public outreach programs.

Update: Request for proposals for the NASA WV EPSCoR and NASA WVSGC for the 2014-15 cycle are now closed. Award annoucements will be made in mid-April.

Welcome to WVSGC

West Virginia University´s Lunabotics Team with Captain Jon A. McBride, Dr. Majid Jaridi, and
Dr. Powsiri Klinkhachorn at Kennedy Space Center for the NASA ESMD Lunbotics Competition